Feminized Seeds

What are feminized seeds?
Feminized cannabis seeds are bred to contain no male chromosomes, thus ensuring that every plant grown from them will flower as a female and be able to produce the crop of resinous buds sought by most growers.

People who are new to the world of indica and sativa may also have only a vague idea that there are different sexes of this
versatile plant. Seeds that occur naturally are gained from simply allowing a male to fertilize a female, and the resulting seeds will in turn produce both masculine and feminine offspring. There is no reliable way of telling which one will grow into which sex of plant, short of actually growing them. It is therefore traditional to germinate more regular seeds than one intends to grow (often twice as many) to allow for the removal of males. With feminized seeds, gardeners decide how many bushes they want, germinate that number of seeds, then simply grow, flower and reap their rewards. With the introduction of these new cannabis seeds, cultivation became easier than ever before!
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CBD Seeds
Spicy CBD Cannabis Seeds Feminized (PHILOSOPHER)

Spicy CBD Cannabis Seeds Feminized

(Also known as Superjuani)

Golo line breeders used a selection of Respect (Juanita X Cannalope) which they called Respect 15. It was selected due to its prevailing Juanita La Lagrimosa aroma. It was then backcrossed again with Juanita in order to consolidate its characteristic flavour; Spicy CBD was born from this backcrossing.

Spicy CBD is not recommended for beginners in cannabis growing; it presents a Sativa structure with relatively long internodal distances, producing different phenotypes quite uniform in height. After the photoperiod change, it will enter a pretty long pre-floral period, in which it will stretch out, so it is advisable to have a growroom with sufficient height. This characteristic makes it an interesting option for growing under the guidelines of the Scrog technique, to which it is perfectly suited.  The flowering period is around 65/70 days in most phenotypes, with an above-average yield.

Grown outdoors, Spicy CBD is capable of reaching more than just a considerable height, so if you do not want it to draw the attention you will have to control it through pruning, or postpone planting it until the first fortnight of July. It is also true that this vigorous growth leads to a spectacular yield.

With this crossing, the Haze-incensed smell and taste of the Juanita La lagrimosa elite clone has gained in fruity tones, which blends very well with the aniseed and earthy hints of Cannalope, although it is worth saying that – organoleptically – Juanita’s aromas prevail.

Spicy CBD produces a light effect that leaves you into a pleasant state of wellbeing, perfect for daily users. Due to the presence of Juanita genetics from both parentals, it is very likely that a large proportion of Spicy CBD seeds may contain CBD, information that we will be able to confirm as our research continues.

Spicy CBD Info

  • Genetics: Respect#15 x Juanita La Lagrimosa
  • Sativa-Indica content: 70%-30%
  • Indoor flowering: 60/70 days
  • Outdoor harvest Northern Hemisphere: Mid October
  • Outdoor harvest Southern Hemisphere: Mid April
  • Indoor Yield: 400/500 gr/m2
  • Outdoor Yield: 500/600 gr per plant
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Stress Killer CBD Cannabis Seeds Feminized Autoflower (Royal Queen Seeds)

Stress Killer CBD Cannabis Seeds Feminized Autoflower

Stress Killer combines the sharp lemon flavour and mentally uplifting high of Lemon Haze with the subtle tones and potent CBD content of Juanita la Lagrimosa. By then crossing this further with a prime specimen of ruderalis we have created one of our clearest and most focusing strains to date.Suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors, Stress Killer is an extremely versatile cannabis strain dominated by the sativa side of her genetics.

Indoors, she usually grows between 90-140 cm, going from seed to harvest in just under 11 weeks. At the end of this period, she is able to produce yields of up to 500g/m² depending on how she was grown.Outdoors, Stress Killer has the potential to go a little further, especially when grown in a warm, sunny climate. In this situation, she can reach heights varying between 110-160cm. She still takes just under 11 weeks to go from seed to harvest outdoors, and can produce up to 160g per plant for your time and effort.The bud Stress Killer produces has a pungent lemon and haze aroma, with both her major parents having a dominant citrus flavour in their own right.

As the name suggests, the effect she induces is great at easing the troubles and worries that may be playing on your mind, instead creating a clear and focusing high, drowning out the distraction and letting you get on with your day. Stress Killer has a THC content of 11% combined with a high CBD content.

If you are looking for a light and citrusy smoke to enjoy during the day, then Stress Killer is an excellent choice. She won’t weigh you down.

Stress Killer Auto CBD Info

  • Genetics: Lemon Shining Silver Haze x Juanita la Lagrimosa x Ruderalis
  • Sativa/Indica:  Sativa CBD Auto
  • Yield: Indoors: 450-500g/m2 Yield Outdoor: 110-160 g./plant
  • THC/CBD: THC: 11% CBD: High
  • Flowering Period/Finishing: 10-11 weeks from seed.
5 Seeds Per Pack
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Sugar Pop cannabis seeds
Sugar Pop Cannabis Seeds Feminized (PHILOSOPHER)

Sugar Pop Cannabis Seeds Feminized

Key Features:  Sugar Pop seeds have great power of germination and vigour, producing plants of good structure, with average internodal distance, beautiful look and easy to grow.  This plant is very resistant to high temperatures, pests and diseases, but its large central cola forces us to control mildew in the later stages of flowering.

Sugar Pop is another strain born from the collaboration between Philosopher Seeds and Reggae Seeds. This time the Golo Line breeders crossed White Russian x Kalijah with a reversed Jack The Ripper female. The result was the most indica variety of the Golo-Line collection. Sugar Pop seeds have great power of germination and vigour, producing plants of good structure, with average internodal distance, beautiful look and easy to grow. We can distinguish two phenotypes quite marked, recognizable at a glance by their height: one is medium sized while the other is a little smaller. We recommend at least 3 weeks of vegetative growth, although an extra week would be ideal for the smaller phenotype. With the change of photoperiod, Sugarpop develops a large central bud with few branches. It produces an amazing amount of pistils, resulting in a plant of great beauty. From the aforementioned phenotypes, one has compact calyxes while the other one produces lots of resin, a trait that comes from Jack The Ripper.

Under artificial lights, the resinous phenotype will be ready to harvest after 55 days from changing the photoperiod; the other phenotypes will need 7/10 extra days to complete their cycle. In all cases the production per plant is medium-high, with hard buds, completely covered with resin. This plant is very resistant to high temperatures, pests and diseases, but its large central cola forces us to control mildew in the later stages of flowering. We should also take particular attention to nutrient application, since it is a sensitive plant to over-fertilization. Regarding the taste, Sugar Pop is sweet – mostly from White Russian – mixing the scents of all its parentals, from the earthy incense of Kalijah to the haze of Jack the Ripper. When the plant is dry it does not smell too much, so it is a good strain carry some buds without been discovered. Despite this fact, this light odour hides a very strong flavor, very persistent on the palate. Sugar Pop provides a mild stimulant effect that will end in a state of relaxation, ideal to consume in the second phase of the day to relax our mind and body.

Sugar Pop Info

  • Genetics:  (White Russian X Kalijah) X Jack The Ripper
  • Sativa/Indica: Hybrid
  • Yield: Indoors: 400-500 g/m2 Outdoors: 400-600 g./plant
  • THC/CBD: 18%/ Low CBD
  • Flowering Period/Finishing: 55-65 days/ October
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Super Skunk cannabis seeds
Super Skunk Cannabis Seeds Feminized (G13 LABS)

Super Skunk Cannabis Seeds Feminized

Feminized Super Skunk is a mixture of Skunk #1 and an old, pure, and very resinous, Afghan Hash Plant, and is therefore highly Indica-dominant. Super Skunk has been sold across the globe since 1990, picking up awards and gaining recognition in the most important competitions. Being mostly Indica, Super Skunk is a vigorous plant that is extremely potent and very aromatic. Needing only a little help, the female plants will develop colossal resin-covered colas. A warm climate will help to boost their yield in only 45 to 50 days. Super Skunk requires a bit more growing experience, but all your efforts will be rewarded with a high yield and a short flowering period. It is the only variety in the world that requires more experience to smoke it than to grow it!

  • 5 seeds per pack
5 Seeds Per Pack
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Sweet Amnesia Cannabis Seeds Feminized (G13 LABS)

Sweet Amnesia Cannabis Seeds Feminized

Key Features:  Sweet Amnesia is a vigorous and very easy-to-grow plant of medium height. It produces long, hard, compact flower heads that are coated in resin. It is very resistant to mould and infestations, and produces extremely high yields

G13 Labs’ Sweet Amnesia variety is the result of the union between two feminised Sativa-dominant varieties that flower in record time (65 days indoors, with an outdoor harvest in mid-October). This cannabis queen is a vigorous and very easy-to-grow plant of medium height. It produces long, hard, compact flower heads that are coated in resin. It is very resistant to mould and infestations, and produces extremely high yields that are capable of reaching 1,200 g/plant outdoors, and up to 600 g/m² indoors. It is advisable to use a moderate amount of fertiliser so as not to modify the plant’s highly prized taste. Both its aroma and taste are intense and contain lemon, Haze and incense notes. Its potent cerebral effect is euphoric and somewhat stimulating before it immediately moves on to a relaxing phase.

Sweet Amnesia Info

  • Genetics: Original Amnesia X Original Amnesia
  • Sativa/Indica: Sativa
  • Yield: Indoors: 600 g./m2 Outdoors: 1200 g./plant
  • THC/CBD: High
  • Flowering Period/Finishing: 65 days/mid-October
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Sweet Love cannabis seeds
Sweet Love Cannabis Seeds Feminized (PHILOSOPHER)

Sweet Love Cannabis Seeds Feminized

To create SweetLove, the Golo Line breeding team crossed the famous Juanita La Lagrimosa from Reggae Seeds with the Tropimango male from Philosopher Seeds. The result speaks for itself, thanks to its remarkable organoleptic and medicinal properties.

Sweet Love is a tall plant that develops a big main cola, but also nice branches in the lower part, like a Christmas tree. It will grow fast and uniform. Indoors, a density of 12 plants per square meter is the best way to allow its branches to grow, but we can also grow Sweet Love in a Sea Of Green, with 20 to 25 plants /m2.

After changing the photoperiod, we will start to distinguish between phenotypes; the taller one – thanks to Juanita’s influence – is ready to harvest after 60 – 65 days. The Tropimango male used in this hybrid strengthens Juanita’s structure, while keeping its smell and medicinal properties. Plants with more Tropimango dominance will be harvested after 55 – 60 days of flowering.

Outdoors, 50L pots are the minimum size recommended to allow SweetLove to show all its potential, growing enormously. If grown on terraces, we recommend to control the size with 25L pots, sprouting the seeds at the end of the spring – or during the first three weeks of summer – to reduce the growing period and get mid-sized and very compact plants.

SweetLove, specially when grown organically, will show impressive organoleptic properties, an intense taste and smell of candies, full of nuances, from sweets to citrus. Its organoleptic peak is reached after 2 – 3 months of curing.

SweetLove produces a nice positive effect, mainly physical, relaxing the body.

Sweet Love Info

  • Genetics: Juanita x Tropimango
  • Sativa-Indica content: 60%-40%
  • Indoor Flowering: 55-65 days
  • Outdoor harvest Northern Hemisphere: Mid October
  • Outdoor harvest Southern Hemisphere: Mid April
  • Indoor Yield: 400/550 gr/m2
  • Outdoor Yield: 500/650 grams per plant
5 Seeds Per Pack
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Thai Fantasy cannabis
Thai Fantasy Cannabis Seeds Feminized (KANNABIA)

Thai Fantasy Cannabis Seeds Feminized

A genetic selection arriving from the other side of the ocean. This is the result of the cross between our only Thai variety in our mother room and Black Domina, resulting in an incredible volcano of flavours and smells

The plant has a sativo effect but with a marked Indica-type behaviour. The Thai tendency to longer flowering periods was reduced to 8-9 weeks thanks to the legacy of Black Domina in the cross, because to give it more quality it should be no doubt stabilized.

An electrifying high to start with and heavy at the end, to enjoy this variety’s fine balance between indica and sativa.

For optimal growing, the plant needs quite a lot of food right from the beginning of its life cycle but particularly during flowering, if the buds are to harden properly and not stay spongy.

Thai Fantasy Info

  • Flowering cycle: 58-63 days
  • Production: 500 gr/m2
  • Harvest: early October
  • Medium height: 180-200 cm
  • Production: 600 gr/plant
5 Seeds Per Pack
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Tropimango Cannabis Seeds Feminized
Tropimango Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Philosopher seeds)

Tropimango Cannabis Seeds Feminized

It’s a plant of big and luscious dark green leafs, with a very short intermodal distance that gets a little longer as the plant reaches its sexual maturity. It is relatively easy to grow because it has a great nutrient assimilation capacity.

Indoors, it can be grown with a density of up to 12 plants / m2 giving them three weeks of vegetative growth. The harvest is a true blessing due to both its compact and hard buds and the high resin production, that leaves them covered with a shiny white layer. This will happen just 55/65 days after the beginning of flowering. However, if you are looking for the most sedative effects, it should be harvested after 70 days.

In case of having one of them, this plant’s worst enemy would be the excess of temperature, because if it exceeds 30ºC it can lead to low density buds. It is suitable for SOG setups (Sea of Green) and tolerates great amounts of nutrients. Just a few days after irrigating the plants with tap water, its leafs will start to turn yellow.

Outdoors, if planted in-ground in mid April, we will have beautiful plants with great flower production, that will ripe its beautiful and intoxicating buds in early October, while if planted in pots on early/mid May we’ll get compact and dense plants, that will allow us to bloom them discretely in balconies or terraces.

When growing Tropimango we must be cautious with rains and environmental humidity because of the high density of its buds.

Tropimango smells like fruits – tropical fruits to be more precise – aroma that remains perfectly reflected on the palate when vaporized or smoked. It is a plant that does not deceive, what you feel when you smell it’s exactly the same that you feel when smoking it, a long lasting and intense flavour.

Regarding the effect, its Indica dominance makes it rather relaxing, but not demotivating at all, let’s say that makes you take things easy, non stress. On the other hand, it’s a plant with really high medicinal or therapeutic possibilities, because of its high cannabinoid concentration, specially THC and CBD.

Tropimango Info

  • Genetics: Tropimango S1
  • Sativa Indica Content: 30%-70%
  • Indoor flowering: 55/65 days
  • Outdoor harvest Northern Hemisphere: Early October
  • Outdoor harvest Southern Hemisphere: Early April
  • Indoor productivity: 400/450 gr/m2
  • Outdoor productivity: 400/600 grams/plant
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White Domina Cannabis Seeds Feminized (KANNABIA)

White Domina Cannabis Seeds Feminized

One of the jewels in the crown, a much-improved variety with the features of the indica plants it originated from.

This is without a doubt the most indica of all our crosses — a prodigy of nature whose genetics have been improved generation after generation. As it is a plant that is nearly 100% indica, it will need 20 days’ vegetative growth to reach the ideal height and form stems that, while not very long, have only a short gap between the nodes. Combine this with an excellent calyx-leaf ratio and you have a plant that forms a dense, compact central bud bursting with flowers. The plant’s vigorous growth is evident from the first shoots. A large central bud with the other “arms” up high, from which several rock-hard buds will sprout. Outdoors the plant never exceeds 2 m tall, and indoors once it reaches 35-40 cm you can move on to flowering for optimal results. Ideal for “sea of green” and SCROG.

It withstands both the excess and lack of fertiliser (recovering within a few days, with the typical strength of indica varieties) as well as periods of drought.

For optimal ripening, make sure that you use only P-K components and carbohydrates in the final weeks of flowering. Ideal for hydroponic systems thanks to the stability of its structure and its flowering times.

Keep the pH between 5.8 and 6.2, and increase the EC from 1.2 in the first few weeks up to 2.2 in the final weeks. The flowering cycle when grown indoors is 50-55 days, while outdoors the plants will be ready to be harvested by mid-September.

Its resin production is spectacular and the THC levels that you can obtain will turn you into a fan of this variety. The smell is reminiscent of linseed air-freshener mixed with tangy fruits during flowering. When smoked, the favour is of lime and lemon with a hint of piquancy, leaving your mouth dry after a couple of tokes. The high is mild but constant, with a very gradual, pleasant come-down.

One effect of smoking is the incredible appetite it gives you. It will take you little more than seven weeks to get the best results from this variety with a medium-to-high yield, reaching 500 g/m2 and 400 grams per plant outdoors.

Thanks to its genetics that have been specially adapted to Mediterranean climates, you can expect to harvest between early and mid-September, avoiding mold or any other issues later on.

White Domina Info

  • Flowering cycle: 50-55 days
  • Production: 450 gr/m2
  • Harvest: mid September
  • Medium height: 160 200 cm
  • Production: 700 gr/plant
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White Domina CBD Cannabis Seeds Feminized (KANNABIA)

White Domina CBD Cannabis Seeds Feminized

Key Features:  Right from the growth stage, this genetic variety is strong and vigorous.  Good for neuropathic pain, with advantage of significantly reducing the psychoactive effect, making it of great interest to patients.

When the opportunity arose to work with CBD Crew, we didn’t hesitate to choose our White Domina genetics for it, because of its high therapeutic potential. Right from the growth stage, this genetic variety is strong and vigorous. During the flowering stage, of medium length, it develops a large central bud with various ramifications ending in large buds. The end product is compact, weighty and laden with resin, thanks to its original Black Domina genetics. Despite the cross, it maintains its aroma of acidic fruits and wet pine. Our work with CBD Crew has been a success and we now have a genetic variety with high CBD/THC values (in a ratio of 1:1). Good for neuropathic pain, with advantage of significantly reducing the psychoactive effect, making it of great interest to patients.

White Domina CBD Info

  • Genetics: White Domina X CBD Crew Selection
  • Sativa/Indica: Indica CBD
  • Yield: Indoors: 500 g./m2  Outdoors: 700 g./plant
  • THC/CBD: CBD: 10% THC: 10% Ratio: 1:1
  • Flowering Period/Finishing: 50-55 days/mid September
5 Seeds Per Pack
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White Lavender cannabis seeds
White Lavender Cannabis Seeds Feminized (G13 LABS)

White Lavender Cannabis Seeds Feminized

Key Features:  The cross with White Widow controls this excessive growth a little, making it much easier to cultivate. We have also managed to shorten the flowering period, while achieving a very high yield of dense florets.

White Lavender is a hybrid that has spectacular potency and taste. It is a variety that can even grow too much when planted indoors. The cross with White Widow controls this excessive growth a little, making it much easier to cultivate. We have also managed to shorten the flowering period, while achieving a very high yield of dense florets. It has a very intense cerebral effect and, just like its parents, it produces a genuinely high resin yield. It has a very penetrating fruity and spicy taste, and its smell can be detected several metres away when in the middle of its flowering period. If you would like to savour it in all its glory, we recommend that you harvest it when there are still only a few amber-coloured trichomes.

White Lavender INFO

  • Genetics: White Widow X Lavender
  • Sativa/Indica:  Sativa
  • Yield: High
  • THC/CBD: High
  • Flowering Period/Finishing: 55-65 Days
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White Widow cannabis seeds
White Widow Cannabis Seeds Feminized (G13 LABS)

White Widow Cannabis Seeds Feminized

The only thing that can be said about the White Widow queen, is that it should be a compulsory feature of every garden. Not for nothing is it one of the best sellers of all time and grown by many of its fans. Its quality comes not only from its renowned name, but from its high yield, fast flowering period (55 to 65 days) and dense, resinous flower heads. Being Indica-dominant means this variety is an exceptional medicinal and therapeutic plant. White Widow gives off a fresh, floral smell while its taste has sweet-and-sour hints. Its resistance to moisture and adverse climatic conditions makes it one of the best varieties for growing outdoors in any region. It can produce up to 1000 g per plant outdoors, and may grow to a height of 2.5 m. It is an ideal choice for relaxing and for calming all types of pain.

  • 5 seeds per pack
5 Seeds Per Pack
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White Yoda cannabis seeds
White Yoda Cannabis Seeds Autoflower Feminized (PHILOSOPHER)

White Yoda Cannabis Seeds Autoflower Feminized

White Yoda Auto has been developed from a hybrid of Lowryder and a 2002 selection of the well-known White Russian. 7 generations were needed to introduce the Russian genetics and to show the full potential of this true legend of marijuana strains.

White Yoda Auto is an easy to grow strain, with compact growth that produces a main central cola ready to harvest 75-90 days after germination.

In outdoor crops, White Yoda Auto produces a huge amount of flowers covered by resin If grown on a 20 L container during the months of the year with more sun exposure, it can easily exceed 120 cm in height, producing 100-125 gr/plant.It is also suitable for off-season crops and for ecuatorial areas where natural photoperiod is close to 12 hours of light per day.

In indoor crops, White Yoda Auto is perfect for novice growers with small growrooms with artificial light and not yet familiar with photoperiods and the needed devices to control them. If your plants have a proper light cycle – 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness per day – they will be able to offer their full potential. If you have a small space, you can reduce the hours of light per day to 12; this way, the growth of your plants will be less vigorous.

Whether indoors or outdoors, it is strongly recommended using a single pot or container after germination for the entire crop cycle.

The aim of this hybrid was keeping the organoleptic and psychoactive qualities of one of the parentals of this crossing, White Russian. The taste is sweet and sugary with earthy undertones that perfectly blend, offering an exquisite taste for your palate.

The effect of White Yoda Auto is relaxing but balanced, offering an intense feeling of well-being for both body and mind.

White Yoda Info

  • White Russian x Lowryder (ruderalis hybrid)
  • Indoor Harvest: 75-90 days from germination
  • Outdoor Harvest: 75-90 days from germination
  • Indoor Yield: 400-500 gr/m2
  • Outdoor Yield: 100-125 grams/plant
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