Growing Outdoors Cannabis is Easy! Regardless of your climate conditions, Montreal Cannabis Seeds has the right outdoor cannabis seeds for you. Is your local climate sunny and warm, or cool and wet? Let us help you find the perfect cannabis strain to get the best growing experience possible. 

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  • Power Flower cannabis
    Power Flower Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Royal Queen Seeds)

    Power Flower Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    Key Features:  Power Flower is heavy yielding, quick finishing and easy to grow.  Better for indoors in northern latitudes. 

    During the 90s, a group of passionate growers from the Netherlands travelled to South Africa to gather genetics which could be added to their library. Using the genetics they collected, this team would give birth to a nearly pure Sativa (12% Indica) made exclusively with those genetics. This Cannabis plant would eventually take over Amsterdam’s coffeeshops, mostly still around today, and was known as Power Plant.

    Our Power Flower is our attempt to recreate the popular features from one of Amsterdam’s most famous weeds. This feminized plant will grow over 1 m tall, up to 1.5 m, indoors, but can stretch to 2 m outside. It prefers a warm environment like California or Italy, however, it can be grown in south of France and Germany, while more northern latitudes are not recommended for this marijuana strain.

    Power Plant was the original large-yielding commercial crop and we are proud to say that Power Flower is just as big. Growers can expect anything from 65-85 g per plant, or up to 550 g per square metre under a 600 W light. Grown outdoors, it can yield over 500-550 g per plant, but will require a lot of sun and food to do so.

    With such a high yield in only 8 weeks flowering, combined with a moderately easy grow, Power Flower is easily a top contender for a commercial crop grower. With lots of light, fluffy green nuggets filling up all spacing between internodes, Power Flower is suitable for the sea/screen of green operations. The relatively easy grow also makes it suitable for first-time growers who want as little a challenge as possible.

    Power Flower will give smokers a taste of sweet and sour, like lemon and limes, followed by a subtle pine fresh flavour. It’s not just taste buds that are refreshed as users can experience a smooth high, with an energetic and active experience. Between its pleasing smoke, moderately easy grow and massive buds, Power Flower is guaranteed to leave you satisfied and yearning for more.

    Power Flower Info

    • Genetics:  South African Sativa X South African Sativa
    • Sativa/Indica: Sativa 
    • Yield: 500-550 g.
    • THC/CBD: THC: 19% CBD:  Medium
    • Flowering Period/Finishing: 8-9 weeks/October
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Mozzarella Cannabis Seeds Feminized (G13 LABS)

    Mozzarella Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    Key Features:  Easy to grow, excellent yield, and long and large sticky flower heads.  Strong odour, especially during flowering.

    The Cheese variety from G13 Labs is Indica-dominant and a mixture of UK Skunk and Afghan. It is a hybrid with unique features that will impress even the most gourmet of tastes. This plant, which has an excellent yield, will take you to a state of euphoria that hints at a narcotic high. With these two genes already high in THC, together they form a variety whose earthy taste combined with some delicate cheesy hints will have you asking for seconds over and over again. Of medium-to-tall height and radiant appearance, it is easy to grow and gives magnificent results. It produces long, very large and sticky flower heads, and is perfect for rainy autumn days, providing relaxation and a pleasant sleep. It is ready in 7 to 8 weeks, and its outdoor yield may reach up to 1,000 g/plant while indoors it can produce 500 g/m². Do not forget to use anti-odour filters as it readily gives off a penetrating smell that gets everywhere, unwanted places included, leaving an obvious scent of mature cheese and incense. The Cheese variety produces a reasonably balanced, stimulating effect that has a relaxing, calm finish.

    Mozzarella Info

    • Genetics: UK Skunk X Afghani
    • Sativa/Indica: Hybrid
    • Yield: Indoor: 500 g./m2 Outdoor: 1000 g./plant
    • THC/CBD: Very High
    • Flowering Period/Finishing: 7-8 weeks/ end of September
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Blueberry Gum #2 cannabis seeds
    Blueberry Gum #2 Cannabis Seeds Feminized (G13 LABS)

    Blueberry Gum #2 Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    Key Features: Blueberry Gum #2 is an improved version of stability, strength, amount of yields and buds and resin production of Blueberry Gum. All the features got doubled.

    We are pleased to introduce the new version of one of our best-selling strains, Blueberry Gum.  This new improved version grows wide with evenly spread branches.  It is a superb choice for the Sea of Green method, but really great for any method of growing.  Blueberry Gum #2 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.  By improving the previous version we have obtained the strain which is more stable and powerful.  Its yields are generous and buds are large, dense and covered in gorgeous crystal resin.  The flavour and aroma are fruity with citrus notes and as mouthwatering as you think!  Hard hitting effect will relax both the body and soul!

    Blueberry Gum #2 Info

    • Genetics: (Blueberry X Bubble Gum) X Black Domina
    • Sativa/Indica: Indica 
    • Yield: Indoors: 500 g/m2 Outdoors: 700 g/m2
    • THC/CBD: High
    • Flowering Period/Finishing: 55-60 days
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Blue OG cannabis
    Blue OG Cannabis Seeds Feminized (G13 LABS)

    Blue OG Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    Key Features:Blue OG produces a high yield and a very subtle smell. It has a short flowering period, which makes it ideal for growing in more challenging climates.

    G13 Labs’ Blue OG variety is a cross between a Blueberry F3, Blue Moonshine, and a true legend in the USA. This Indica-dominant hybrid has won awards and gained recognition on numerous occasions in both the USA and a large part of Europe. When talking about this exquisite blend of tastes and aromas from the best genetics, we must make mention of its low height that allows the plant to be grown in any location. In addition, its yield is among the highest to be found anywhere. Its flower heads are covered in large quantities of resin, and this makes it one of the best varieties we have for producing hash and extracts as the amount obtained is plentiful, and the aroma and taste are sublime. The smell it gives off after flowering is of fruits of the forest and blueberry, with a delicate hint of lime. Blue OG is a perfect blend of hashish and oily extract. It produces a high yield and a very subtle smell. It has a short flowering period of 8 weeks, which makes it ideal for growing in more challenging climates

    Blue OG Info

    • Sativa/Indica: Indica
    • Yield: XXL
    • THC/CBD: High
    • Flowering Period/Finishing: 8 weeks
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Stress Killer CBD Cannabis Seeds Feminized Autoflower (Royal Queen Seeds)

    Stress Killer CBD Cannabis Seeds Feminized Autoflower

    Stress Killer combines the sharp lemon flavour and mentally uplifting high of Lemon Haze with the subtle tones and potent CBD content of Juanita la Lagrimosa. By then crossing this further with a prime specimen of ruderalis we have created one of our clearest and most focusing strains to date.Suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors, Stress Killer is an extremely versatile cannabis strain dominated by the sativa side of her genetics.

    Indoors, she usually grows between 90-140 cm, going from seed to harvest in just under 11 weeks. At the end of this period, she is able to produce yields of up to 500g/m² depending on how she was grown.Outdoors, Stress Killer has the potential to go a little further, especially when grown in a warm, sunny climate. In this situation, she can reach heights varying between 110-160cm. She still takes just under 11 weeks to go from seed to harvest outdoors, and can produce up to 160g per plant for your time and effort.The bud Stress Killer produces has a pungent lemon and haze aroma, with both her major parents having a dominant citrus flavour in their own right.

    As the name suggests, the effect she induces is great at easing the troubles and worries that may be playing on your mind, instead creating a clear and focusing high, drowning out the distraction and letting you get on with your day. Stress Killer has a THC content of 11% combined with a high CBD content.

    If you are looking for a light and citrusy smoke to enjoy during the day, then Stress Killer is an excellent choice. She won’t weigh you down.

    Stress Killer Auto CBD Info

    • Genetics: Lemon Shining Silver Haze x Juanita la Lagrimosa x Ruderalis
    • Sativa/Indica:  Sativa CBD Auto
    • Yield: Indoors: 450-500g/m2 Yield Outdoor: 110-160 g./plant
    • THC/CBD: THC: 11% CBD: High
    • Flowering Period/Finishing: 10-11 weeks from seed.
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Orange Bud Cannabis seeds
    Orange Bud Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Dutch Passion)

    Orange Bud Seeds Feminized

    Key Features:  Even new growers will find Orange Bud easy and pleasurable to grow, producing generous levels of dense, hard buds covered with crystals and beautiful orange hairs.

    One of the original skunk (100% skunk!) varieties and still one of the best we have ever seen. Orange Bud was selected from outstanding Skunk genetics in the early 80’s, it is a highly potent and very stable strain that grows well indoors or outdoors with any type of grow medium. Even new growers will find Orange Bud easy and pleasurable to grow, producing generous levels of dense, hard buds covered with crystals and beautiful orange hairs. As well as being a cup winning variety in the 80’s and 90’s, Orange Bud remains a classic skunk that should be savoured by any Skunk connoisseur. Orange bud is particularly notable for its yields in ‘sea of green’ grows. The highly potent smoke is uplifting and cerebral, good for stoners who have active lifestyles. The unique taste is sweet with clear citrus tones of nectarine and ripe orange. This remains a top-5 best seller for all the right reasons – stable, potent, easy to grow and with great yields, Skunk fans delay no longer, buy some today!

    Orange Bud Info

    • Genetics: Unknown Skunk X Unknown Skunk
    • Sativa/Indica: Hybrid
    • Yield: Large
    • THC/CBD: 17%
    • Flowering Period/Finishing: 7-8 weeks/end of October
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • HAOMA Cannabis Seeds Feminized (House of Great Gardener )

    HAOMA Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    Our Original Award Winning Strain

    This lovely lady is a gem in the House of the Great Gardener's collection. We crossed the Purps with the GG #1 to give the Purps a stronger structure, and the best phenotypes were put to the members of a local compassion club to choose their favourites. By popular demand we created an Indica dominant cross with a super fruity aroma. She flowers early and produces small but heavy tight nugs.

    • 3rd place 2012 Treating Yourself Expo - Seed Company Indica
    • 1st place 2011 Treating Yourself Expo - Compassion Club category
    • 2nd place 2011 High Times Cup - Concentrate category...as part of the Hydra Hash

    HAOMA Info

    • Genetics - Purps (f) X GG#1 (m) 
    • Variety - Indica/Sativa (70% - 30%) 
    • Seed - 6 Feminized Seeds
    • Analysis - THC 14.00% CBD 0.20% CBN 0.40%
    • Flowering time - 7 to 8 weeks
    6 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Durban Poison Cannabis
    Durban Poison Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Dutch Passion)

    Durban Poison Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    Key Features:  One of the few sativas that are best suited for easy, quick-finishing outdoor growing.

    Dutch Passion original Durban Poison is a classic outdoor and indoor variety, tough enough for outdoor growing in extreme Northern/Southern latitudes. She was brought to Holland from South Africa and was inbred over many years during the 70's. With each generation Durban Poison became increasingly adapted to the windy and rainy conditions of northern Europe. During the breeding process some unknown indica genetics have been crossed with Durban. Durban may initially show wide indica style leaves but the growth pattern allows the sativa dominance to show by the end with long blooms pierced by slim sativa-style leaves. Durban Poison is ready to harvest after 8-9 weeks indoors. Outdoors she can reach 2-3 meters tall and is harvested around the start of Autumn. With enough root space Durban develops strong side branches which will carry heavy resinous blooms. The plant development, harvest appearance and energizing, uplifting high are typically sativa. Durban Poison has a spicy, hazy taste with hints of aniseed, liquorice and cloves. The buds are often dark green and resistant to mold and pests. Very potent and consistent with good yields.

    Durban Poison Info

    • Genetics: Landrace
    • Sativa/Indica: Sativa
    • Yield: Large
    • THC: 18%
    • Flowering Period/Finishing: 8-9 weeks/end of September
    3 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Californian Orange cannabis seeds
    Californian Orange Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Dutch Passion)

    Californian Orange Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    Key Features:  Californian Orange is a strong and stable strain with high levels of resin production even on the leaves.

    Californian Orange is a genuine old school classic available only from Dutch Passion. It is a 50% Indica/50% sativa hybrid that dates back to 1980 and since then it has only ever been inbred. The genetics come from an exceptional Californian strain and this variety packs a superb quality stone with a clear ‘up’ high, very social and very special. If you smoke too much the stone becomes heavier, though the quality is not diminished. The plants are usually 1.2-2m tall and yield well at around 400grams/m² with a normal calyx/leaf ratio. Some of the plants have a pronounced citrus aroma and fragrance making this an appealing, and potent, variety that has satisfied the thousands of growers that have tried it. Californian Orange is a strong and stable strain with high levels of resin production even on the leaves. Sometimes the original classic strains such as Californian Orange retain a loyal following many years after they were released, despite all the exciting new strains and modern hybrids that come along. In the case of Californian Orange it is the old-style fresh, clear and strong high which retains a strong appeal along with the quite unique orange smells and flavours. The yields are slightly above average but the experience is anything but average. This is a high quality, traditional Californian beauty that dates back to the hippy era. An exceptional strain when it was released and still a sought-after variety today.

    Californian Orange Info

    • Genetics: IBL
    • Sativa/Indica: Hybrid
    • Yield: 400 g/m2
    • THC/CBD: High
    • Flowering Period/Finishing: 9 weeks
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Skunk cannabis seeds
    Skunk #1 Cannabis Seeds Feminized (G13 LABS)

    Skunk #1 Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    Key Features:  The energy of Skunk #1, along with its abundant yields, demonstrate the true meaning of hybrid vigour. Its growth and flowering appear to be mostly Indica in nature, so both are fast and gratifying.

    Genetics: Sativa/Indica: Yield: Indoors: THC/CBD: Flowering Period: Key Features: The legendary Skunk #1 was created in the late 70s by combining Afghan genetics with Acapulco Gold Mexican Sativa and Colombian Gold Sativa. The energy of Skunk #1, along with its abundant yields, demonstrate the true meaning of hybrid vigour. Its growth and flowering appear to be mostly Indica in nature, so both are fast and gratifying. You will be able to enjoy Skunk #1 after about 50 days. The plant produces strong stalks and branches, and as a consequence it has dense, rounded florets that join together to form large, heavy colas at harvest time. The stone from this wonderful plant is both potent and euphoric. Growers consider Skunk #1 to be the icon of consistency and reliability, and its solid genotype has had an influence on hundreds of modern hybrids.

    Skunk #1 INFO

    • Genetics:  Afghan X Acapulco Gold X Colombian Gold
    • Sativa/Indica: Sativa
    • Yield: High
    • THC/CBD: High
    • Flowering Period/Finishing: 50 days
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • White Lavender cannabis seeds
    White Lavender Cannabis Seeds Feminized (G13 LABS)

    White Lavender Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    Key Features:  The cross with White Widow controls this excessive growth a little, making it much easier to cultivate. We have also managed to shorten the flowering period, while achieving a very high yield of dense florets.

    White Lavender is a hybrid that has spectacular potency and taste. It is a variety that can even grow too much when planted indoors. The cross with White Widow controls this excessive growth a little, making it much easier to cultivate. We have also managed to shorten the flowering period, while achieving a very high yield of dense florets. It has a very intense cerebral effect and, just like its parents, it produces a genuinely high resin yield. It has a very penetrating fruity and spicy taste, and its smell can be detected several metres away when in the middle of its flowering period. If you would like to savour it in all its glory, we recommend that you harvest it when there are still only a few amber-coloured trichomes.

    White Lavender INFO

    • Genetics: White Widow X Lavender
    • Sativa/Indica:  Sativa
    • Yield: High
    • THC/CBD: High
    • Flowering Period/Finishing: 55-65 Days
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Bubble Kush cannabis seeds
    Bubble Kush Cannabis Seeds Femiized (Royal Queen Seeds)

    Bubble Kush Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    Key Features:  Heavy yielding, great tasting Kush variety.

    And with Bubble Kush feminized seeds from Royal Queen Seeds, you’ll be able to produce some amazing plants that taste great and yield fantastic growth results.

    Bubble Kush is a 80% Indica and 20% Sativa blend, and is 19% THC in total, making for the perfect natural high feeling. One toke of this Bubba Kush and you’ll immediately taste the gum-like flavor, which intertwines perfectly with the effects that you may be used to from OG Kush. If you are looking for a perfect mental high that lets you sit back and relax while you daydream in your own thoughts, this strain is the perfect option for that.

    If you decide to grow this plant indoors, you can expect to get a yield of 550-600 grams per plant. They also grow to a height of 80-140cm indoors. In comparison to some other stains, this is a solid sized plant that will produce plenty of green for you to enjoy.

    If you prefer to have your growth outdoors, the best time to plan a harvest is at the end of September. Outdoor growths can expect to yield 600-650 grams per dried plant and range from 160-200cm in height. Consider the weather in your grow, so that you can assure your growth will not be affected due to changing temperatures.

    This strain of kush is one of the biggest yielders when it comes to growth. It is likely due to the attention paid by Royal Queen Seeds when combining two of the most powerful strains of cannabis on the market. However, the only thing that might be bigger than the plant itself, is the type of high you can expect to have after enjoying this plant.

    Because it is so heavily indicia dominate, this is considered a couch-lock cannabis strain as it will relax your body and mind. This makes it perfect for a day of watching your favorite football club while relaxing, or enjoying a smoke right before you turn in for the evening. Bubble Kush is also great for those that are looking for pain management, or relief from depression or insomnia.

    In terms of its physical appearance, expect Bubble Kush to produce large nugs with dark greens and strands of red hairs throughout. Fresher Bubble Kush will also have huge visible crystals throughout. And when the plant is in growth, expect large and beautiful plants that can become quite copious during harvest.

    If you have ever enjoyed the parents of this strain, then you are sure to like this new Bubble Kush Feminized. Not only do the seeds yield enough for you to get plenty of plant to harvest, but it also provides a fantastic finished product. The high that you’ll experience on Bubble Kush will only be matched by the taste of bubble gum during the consumption process. Be sure to give this sweet, earthy, pungent plant a try for something new and enjoyable.

    Bubble Kush Info

    • Genetics: Bubble Gum X O.G. Kush
    • Sativa/Indica: Indica
    • Yield: Indoors: 550-600 g./m2 Outdoors: 600-650 g./plant
    • THC/CBD: THC: 19% CBD: Low
    • Flowering Period/Finishing: 7-8 weeks/late September
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Critical Cannabis Seeds
    Critical Cannabis Seeds Femiized (Royal Queen Seeds)

    Critical Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    Key Features:  The ultimate cash crop that is easy to grow large yields in smaller spaces.

    There are always lots of requirements to fill when deciding which strain to grow: strength, yield, flavour, ease of growth, suitability to climate etc. There is one marijuana plant that tries to bring together all these features in a perfect balance in order to produce the ultimate cash crop: large yield, short flowering period, good smoke. Critical is a plant designed for the 'cash-crop' grower who wants the best of both worlds and is guaranteed to fulfil expectations.

    Our Critical plant is an Indica dominant genetic which shows in its small size, staying below 1 metre tall. It has short internode spacing, which will eventually fill up with buds, making it the high-yielding specimen it is. Its small height also makes it suitable for those looking to grow in small spaces, for the more discreet growers.

    Grown indoors, it will average 65-75 grams per plant and can easily hit 600 grams per square metre under a 600W light. Grown outdoors, it prefers a warmer climate such as in Spain, Italy or California and, given the right conditions, will produce over 100 grams per plant. Due to its relatively short flowering time, it can be grown in more northern latitudes (UK, Netherlands); however, it will not reach its full potential as she would indoors.

    No other plant from Royal Queen Seeds will yield as much in 7 weeks as Critical Feminized. This short flowering time makes it suitable for growers with a tight schedule. Commercial growers will be pleased with the results in sea/screen of green operations as it delivers large yields with very little maintenance.

    The final key to a good commercial crop is a solid smoke; it wouldn't make sense to have such a high-yielding plant with no power in the puff. Therefore we are glad to say that Critical offers just as much in the stone as it does in the yield. It brings a nice stoned effect which mellows you down into a relaxed vibration.

    Critical Info

    • Genetics: Afghani X Skunk
    • Sativa/Indica:  Hybrid
    • Yield: Indoors: 550-600 g./m2 Outdoors: 600-650 g./plant
    • THC/CBD: THC:  18% CBD: Low
    • Flowering Period/Finishing: 7-8 weeks/late September
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Cannabis Seeds Femiized
    Critical Kush Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Royal Queen Seeds)

    Critical Kush Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    Key Features:  Ideal kush for tight spaces, Critical Kush produces heavy yields and high THC in a short time.

    This kush blend is an indica dominant strain that grows to a medium height, ideal for growing in somewhat limited spaces. However, it produces excellent yield for its size, giving an average of 500-550 grams per square meter. This yield is largely due to its high number of flowers per plant, which in turn produces a higher number of buds. With a flowering time of roughly 55 to 60 days, it is also a wonderfully quick hybrid, allowing for quick turnaround.

    Critical Kush cannabis seeds from Royal Queen Seeds will produce a cannabis ideal for relaxing smoking. Its high THC content is excellent for relaxing both the mind and body, as well as relieving stress and pain. However, the strain is not so strong that it will simply render a smoker ineffective for a prolonged period of time. Rather, it will help to relieve tension and stress, while leaving the user in close to full vigor for any remaining tasks of the day. It is also an excellent before bed smoke which will help to ensure a full night of restful sleep.

    Critical Kush offers an excellent flavor to go along with this pleasant, yet not overwhelmingly powerful, effect. The smoke has a distinct earthy quality, with an aromatic and spicy overtone. Some strains are simply too musky to be thoroughly enjoyed as a smoking experience, but this one is just the right blend of strong taste with more subtle complexities, making for a really enjoyable smoke.

    If you are interested in growing and trying this exciting hybrid for yourself, you can buy Critical Kush seeds directly from Royal Queen Seeds. This hybrid truly sets itself apart from other kush hybrid strains. While it will deliver a strong, satisfying effect, it will not put you on the couch for the rest of the afternoon. It also delivers a rich, flavorful and aromatic smoke that is sure to please even the most discerning of tastes with its subtle yet strong aroma. With its medium size and high yield, it lends itself excellently to the small space or indoor grower looking for a way to get the most yield out of his or her growing operation.

    So if you are looking for a new strain for a more enjoyable smoke, a satisfying and lasting effect, or simply looking to increase your yields, this hybrid may well be the one for you. Royal Queen Seeds offers the seeds you will need at reasonable prices. Begin your experiment with this excellent kush today, and you can see high yields of a quality, high THC cannabis drying and waiting to be smoked in a matter of weeks.

    Critical Kush Info

    • Genetics: Critical X O.G. Kush
    • Sativa/Indica: Indica
    • Yield: 500-550 g.
    • THC/CBD: THC:  20% CBD:  Medium
    • Flowering Period/Finishing:7-8 weeks/end of September
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • hining Silver Haze
    Shining Silver Haze Cannabis Seeds Femiized (Royal Queen Seeds)

    Shining Silver Haze Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    Key Features: A classic haze variety that is better for indoors in northern latitudes.

    Ever since a pair of brothers started breeding Sativas from all over the world back in the 70s, cannabis smokers have been truly grateful for the existence of a type of plant called Haze. Originally, this was the culmination of years of breeding thousands of seeds from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and South India. Eventually this haze genetic would make its way over to Holland for further hybridization to form the pinnacle of modern day Sativa strains.

    Upon arriving in Holland, along with the now classic Skunk varieties, a pair of breeders went to work to find that super hybrid which could capture the sweet taste and high of a haze, but the short flowering period of an Indica. Using a combination of Haze, Skunk and Northern Lights genetics, one of these breeders would end up with one of the first haze classics, Super Silver Haze.

    Since then, these early genetics have been spread out and hybridized over the years, from which we bring you one of our top varieties at Royal Queen Seeds, Shining Silver Haze. Our haze hybrid will grow to about 1 m tall, very short for a haze, indoors, but can stretch to over 2 m outside. Grown outdoors, it will need a lot of sun, even a greenhouse, in regions like Spain, Italy or North Africa.

    Our Shining Silver Haze Feminized will yield on average 55-65 g per plant, or up to 650 g square metre under a 600w light. Flowering time is 9-10 weeks, which is really quite short for a haze plant. There are very few haze varieties which can produce that sweet taste and strong high of a haze in less than 10 weeks, but Shining Silver Haze is definitely one of them.

    The smoke from Shining Silver Haze is simply fantastic. Smokers will love the instant head high that comes with every hit of a joint or bong. The haze effect will go straight to your brain and put you in an actual haze of thoughts. The taste of the smoke is just a pleasing with a super sweet flavour that makes your taste buds moist with anticipation.

    Shining Silver Haze Info

    • Genetics: Haze x (Skunk x Northern Light)
    • Sativa/Indica: Sativa
    • Yield: Indoors: 600-650 g.
    • THC/CBD: THC: 21% CBD:  Medium
    • Flowering Period/Finishing: 9-11 weeks/ end of October
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Royal Madre cannabis seeds
    Royal Madre Cannabis Seeds Femiized (Royal Queen Seeds)

    Royal Madre Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    Key Features: With eight weeks until flowering, Royal Madre is on the early end of the growing period. Indoors, they grow to an easy-to-handle range of 60 centimeters to one meter in height.

    To get an idea of what this strain has to offer, it helps to consider the effects of THC and CBD. THC is the component of reefer that supplies the classic high and the couch-lock trip. A good example of a pot strain loaded with THC would be Critical Mass. While both agents can stimulate a weak appetite, for the most part, it's the CBD that gives medical weed the ability to provide relief from such things as chemotherapy pain and nausea, anxiety, and many other afflictions. High THC strains of pot are the ones sought for recreational use. Although Scientific studies keep showing more benefits from this chemical. It can bring improvements in such ailments as Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, and Crone's disease.

    The feminized cannabis seeds of Royal Madre are easy to grow and generate plants that fall in the normal range for marijuana. With eight weeks until flowering, they're on the early end of the growing period. Indoors, they grow to an easy-to-handle range of 60 centimeters to one meter in height. With a typical climate-controlled setup, they'll produce between 400 and 450 grams of resin from one square meter of crops.

    If you prefer an outdoor setting and have the right conditions, you can expect plants of between one and just under one-and-a-half meters in height. This makes them relatively compact for the discrete grower. In this situation, they'll yield up to 500 grams from each plant and are ready for harvest in October. With a heritage that's mostly indica, it's no surprise Royal Madre has a strong Cannabinoid content and dense form. Both of its parents, Jack the Reaper and Queen Madre, have been described as fruity-tasting. Expect the same flavour here. With its strong qualities and taste it’s a must try for every cannabis lover.

    Royal Madre Info

    • Genetics:  Jack The Ripper x Queen Madre
    • Sativa/Indica: Indica
    • Yield: Indoors: 400-450 g./m2 Outdoors:  450-500 g./plant
    • THC/CBD: THC: 18% CBD: Low
    • Flowering Period/Finishing: 8 weeks/early October
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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