Growing Outdoors Cannabis is Easy! Regardless of your climate conditions, Montreal Cannabis Seeds has the right outdoor cannabis seeds for you. Is your local climate sunny and warm, or cool and wet? Let us help you find the perfect cannabis strain to get the best growing experience possible. 

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  • AutoBlueberry Cannabis Seeds Autoflower (Dutch Passion)

    AutoBlueberry Cannabis Seeds Autoflower Feminized

    AutoBlueberry has quickly become the connoisseur choice of AutoFem.  It combines authentic Blueberry aroma and flavour thanks to a careful breeding program which crossed a very special Blueberry female with an indica dominant auto.  Selective back-crossing until the F4 generation gave a fully automatic Blueberry, the F4 was self-pollinated to create the F5 seeds which have become a must-grow variety for anyone looking for a luxurious genuine Blueberry experience in a fast AutoFem form.

    Most plants have the famous Blueberry flavours and colours; she will yield very well with dense solid buds that are soaked with resin and are very potent.  AutoBlueberry gives a smooth, hugely enjoyable yet powerful Indica effect which lasts several hours.  Everyone should try growing this variety at least once!

    AutoBlueberry Info

    • 7 seeds per pack
    • Indoor
    • Outdoor
    • Greenhouse
    • Life cycle: 10 weeks
    • Production: Medium
    • Indica Dominant
    7 Seeds Per Pack
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  • AutoDurban Poison
    AutoDurban Poison Cannabis Seeds Autoflower (Dutch Passion)

    AutoDurban Poison Cannabis Seeds Autoflower Feminized

    AutoDurban Poison is the automatic version of our legendary original Durban Poison photoperiod variety. This Sativa dominant AutoFem can be harvested 10-11 weeks after germination and she will grow fast and tall, with plenty of side growth, just like the original. AutoDurban Poison also shares the same luxuriously pleasant and uplifting experience as the original. This is a top quality feminized automatic which delivers a connoisseur quality vape/smoking experience with good yields. AutoDurban Poison tends to take longer during vegetative growth than other autofems, which can allow her to grow a little taller. The buds grow large and resinous with that special, celebrated, Durban aroma. This variety will perform well Outdoors too, she is a high-performance new automatic using some of our best genetics. Ideal for anyone seeking a top quality auto which delivers a strong and refreshing feel-good experience.

    Seed to harvest is 10-11weeks, heights are typically 80-100cm, and occasionally she can get taller. Yields for the average grower are 75-100g, depending on the location and growing conditions. Experienced auto growers will easily exceed 100g+ per plant.

    AutoDurban Poison Info

    • 7 seeds per pack
    • Indoor
    • Outdoor
    • Greenhouse
    • Life cycle: 10 / 11 weeks
    • Production: XL
    • Sativa Dominant
    7 Seeds Per Pack
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  • AutoEuforia
    AutoEuphoria Cannabis Seeds Autoflower (Dutch Passion)

    AutoEuphoria Cannabis Seeds Autoflower Feminized

    AutoEuforia combines genetics from our original photoperiod Euforia with a carefully selected Automatic Skunk.  Euforia herself is an original 1990’s photoperiod Skunk selection chosen for the unique euphoric high which many people experience.  The anti-stress Euphoric feeling remains the most appreciated quality of both the auto and photoperiod Euforia genetic lines. This is an automatic sativa with a unique anti anxiety feel-good factor, the fact that she is so easy to grow and yields heavily is a great bonus.

    AutoEuforia is a compact/bushy variety with a skunky taste and sweet aroma.  AutoEuforia is also a productive variety of both buds and resin, yielding well above average and reaching around 1 metre tall.  Typically this variety is harvested 10-11 weeks after germination.  AutoEuforia produces top strength cannabis with an energising and happy high, which is at the same time both refreshing and numbing.  AutoEuforia is a great choice if you need a variety which is uncomplicated to grow yet  capable of producing top quality harvests.  This is a tough and robust variety which is also suitable for less experienced auto growers.

    AutoEuphoria Poison Info

    • 7 seeds per pack
    • Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
    • Life cycle: 10 weeks
    • Production: XL
    • Sativa Dominant
    7 Seeds Per Pack
    Out Of Stock
  • Cinderella 99 C99 Cannabis
    Cinderella 99 C99 Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Montreal Cannabis Seeds)

    Cinderella 99 C99 Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    The C’99 is the holy grail of the cannabis strains. As she resembles the high and the taste of an exceptional sweet landrace sativa, which normally takes half a year to flower. But the C99 flowers in 7 - 8 weeks. On top of that the buds are quite sugared.
    This new batch is a cross of two exceptional basic pheno types, the Grapefruit and the Pineapple. Both derived from the original Brothers Grimm C99. It matures in 4 weeks from seed, which is much faster than the original C99. (6 - 8 weeks)
    One not to miss!

    C99 INFO

    • Type:                     Indoor /
    • Flowering Time:      7  to 8 weeks
    • Indica/Sativa:         Mostly Sativa
    • Effect:                   Psychedelic Effect
    • THC%:                  High 
    • ​Yield:                    up to 450gr indoor
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • AutoWhite Widow Cannabis Seeds Autoflower
    AutoWhite Widow Cannabis Seeds Autoflower (Dutch Passion)

    AutoWhite Widow Cannabis Seeds Autoflower Feminized

    After several years of careful selection Dutch Passion are pleased to introduce our special AutoWhite Widow Cannabis Seeds.  This is the long-awaited automatic version of our best-selling original White Widow.  AutoWhite Widow is a vigorous and strong auto which gives a powerful high, she was produced from our original White Widow mother plant using the same genetics which have won countless awards and satisfied thousands of growers.  AutoWhite Widow  is very consistent and easy to grow with any grow method. Our automatic version is ready to harvest around 75 days after germination and will yield outdoor 50 to 150g+ of cannabis from a single plant.  Experienced indoor auto growers will be able to harvest 200g+ from a single plant, especially when grown in hydro Deep Water Culture systems.  Plants reach around 60cm to 1m tall.

    The taste is fresh, citrus pine, fairly sweet and strong, and the effect is fast.  Auto White Widow Cannabis Seeds produce bushy and frosty plants with numerous blooms.  She produces strong aroma’s during growth and dense hard buds.  The high is a well-balanced and pleasurable one, combining a powerful cerebral impact with a relaxing physical effect – extremely pleasant.  AutoWhite Widow is one of the best auto’s we have developed and is highly recommended for those looking for an easy-growing and powerful auto with generous yields.

    AutoWhite Widow Info

    • 7 seeds per pack
    • Indoor
    • Outdoor
    • Greenhouse
    • Life cycle: 10 weeks
    • Production: Medium
    • Indica Dominant
    7 Seeds Per Pack
    Out Of Stock
  • Hawaii Maui Waui cannabis seeds
    Hawaii Maui Waui Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Nirvana)

    Hawaii Maui Waui Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    Nirvana Hawaii Maui Waui is a lanky tropical Cannabis Sativa which has long been one of the main attractions of the Hawaiian Islands. This marijuana strain has a citrussy aroma, a smooth, fruity-herbal flavour and an inspiring buzz. This is a cannabis strain from true old school marijuana seed genetics, which means it is not as overpowering as modern indoor cannabis strains tend to be. Through years of careful inbreeding, nirvana finally has managed to capture that elusive Valley Island taste.
    Hawaii Maui Waui Feminised Seeds - 5 by the cannabis breeder Nirvana Seeds, is a Photoperiod Feminised marijuana strain.
    This Feminised seed grows well in Indoors, Outdoors conditions. The CBD content of the strain is Unknown. The user can benefit from a No.

    Hawaii Maui Waui Info

    BREEDER Nirvana Seeds
    PACK SIZE 5 Seeds
    VARIETY Mostly Sativa
    FLOWERING TYPE Photoperiod
    SEX Feminised
    YIELD Indoor: 350 - 450 g/m2
    GROWS Indoors, Outdoors
    FLOWERING TIME 9-11 weeks
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • M-39 Cannabis seeds
    M 39 Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Montreal Cannabis Seeds)

    M 39 Cannabis Seeds Feminized 

    M-39 – Super Sativa Seed Cub (SSSC)
    Voted by High Times one of the top 10 Canadian Strains of All Time  
    Released in bean form years ago by one of the oldest seed banks in Holland (now long defunct), the M-39 was touted as a production plant extraordinaire from the very beginning. Heavyweight indica-dominant genetics and true ease of growth made this hardy strain a staple for Canadian growers from Quebec to Ontario and beyond.
    M-39 clones easily, grows incredibly quickly and with good branching, and finishes with an easy-to-trim profile – all traits that appeal to Canadian cash-croppers from coast to coast. Discreet, low to the ground and fast to finish, M-39 also grows perfectly through the shorter seasons and harsher conditions of northern territories.
    But beware of imitations! The buds known as “Beasters” are often poorly grown-out versions of M-39 or even pretenders mislabeled as M-39. The real deal has that old-school flavor and clean high familiar to growers and tokers of a certain age.

    M-39 INFO

    • Type:                   Indoor / Outdoor
    • Growing:              Easy
    • Flowering Time:   39 - 45 days
    • Indica/Sativa:       Indica 
    • Effect:                   High  (Body Buzz)
    • THC%:                 18.5%    
    • Yield:                    300 gr to 400 gr500gr out
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • BARBARA BUD cannabis seeds
    Barbara Bud Cannabis Seeds Feminized (House of Great Gardener )

    Barbara Bud Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    Barbara Bud is a superstar for so many reasons. This Shishkaberry/Afghani cross is fast flowering and easy to grow. Best of all, she produces super frothy nugs–extreme trichome coverage–and an unbelievably fruity fragrance that makes for some great hash.

    • 2nd place Non Solvent, Elite Judges – 2016 Elite Cup Barcelona (We Flowers)
    • 2nd place Non Solvent, Public Judges – 2016 Elite Cup Barcelona (We Flowers)
    • 3rd place Dry sift, 2016 Legends Barcelona
    • 3rd place Rosin, 2016 Dab-A-Doo Barcelona
    • 2nd place Non-solvent, 2015 Dab-A-Doo Amsterdam
    • 2nd place Resin, 2015 Expogrow Irun
    • 2nd place Non-solvent, 2015 Dab-A-Doo Barcelona
    • 2nd place 2014 Karma Cup, Toronto
    • 2nd place 2014 Dab-A-Doo, Amsterdam
    • 3rd place Legends of Hash (collaboration with Sweet Grass Extracts)
    • 3rd place Neder Hash dry sift, 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup
    • 1st place 2014 Treating Yourself Expo - Solventless Extract
    • 1st place Spannabis 2014 - Non Solvent Category at Resin Club's DAB-A-DOO... a collaboration with Bubbleman

    Barbara Bud Info

    • Genetics - Shishkaberry X Afghani
    • Variety – Sativa/Indica
    • Seed – 6 Feminized
    • Flowering time – 7 weeks
    6 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Master Kush Cannabis Seeds
    Master Kush Cannabis Seeds Feminized (M.C.S.)

    Master Kush Cannabis Seeds Feminized 

    80% Indica. Genotype: Hindu Kush xTrainwreck x Skunk No. 1. Powerful earthy Kush aroma and a lemon, sweet taste. Tight, compact buds and easy to grow. Suitable for all mediums. Very commercial strain. High CBD level. Bodybuzz high. Potential THC level high.

    Her Hindu Kush ancestors stem from the namesake mountain range that stretches from Afghanistan to Northern Pakistan. Master Kush is an 80% pure Indica strain made up of Hindu Kush, Train Wreck and Skunk no. 1, which helped greatly improve her THC level (high). Kush strains (Afghan Kush, Hindu Kush et al.) in the Far East are often used to make hand pressed Charas, because of their amazing resin production. Master Kush is a true medicinal resin monster. Master Kush is a branchy plant with tight, compact buds and easy to grow. She requires a three week growing period. They will hardly stretch during the flowering stage. Suitable to grow on soil, hydro or coco. Indoor or in a greenhouse. A very commercial strain. Pruning is advisable to even out the phenos lengthwise.

    The buds are ballshaped, sticky and solid. She has a powerful earthy Kush aroma and a lemon, sweet taste. She packs a clear high with a nice warm body buzz, very relaxing. Highly medicinal strain. Medicinal value: adhd, bipolar disorder, depression, gastrointestinal disorder, glaucoma, loss of appetite , migraine and ptsd.

    Master Kush Info

    Genetics Hindu Kush xTrainwreck x Skunk No. 1
    Sex Feminized
    Variety Mostly Indica
    Flowering Type Photoperiod
    THC Content High (15-20%)
    CBD Content Low (0-1%)
    Yield Medium, High
    Plant Height Medium
    Grows Greenhouse, Grows Indoors, Grows Outside
    Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
    Harvest Month October
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • GG 1 Cannabis Seeds Feminized (House of Great Gardener )

    GG 1 Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    (Formerly known as Afghani)
    Ideal for those suffering from pain

    One of our favourites, this is a classic Afghani - a pure medicinal Indica – our top painkiller. The buds are beautiful with a lovely deep hash fragrance and a smooth, smokey flavour. The plant has a fantastic pine-tree structure and is easy to grow. What more can you ask for? How about potential for high yields with lots of resin... We love this strain.

    • 3rd place Solventless, 2015 Karma Cup Toronto
    • 3rd place Resin, 2015 Expogrow Irun

    GG 1 Info

    • Genetics - Afghani #1
    • Variety - Pure Indica 
    • Seed - 6 Feminized seeds
    • Analysis - THC 16.00%, CBD 0.66%, CBN 0.05%
    • Flowering time - 8 weeks
    6 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Speedy Chile (Fast Flowering) Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Royal Queen Seeds)

    Speedy Chile (Fast Flowering) Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    The Speedy Chile variety was accomplished by crossing a third-generation auto-flowering plant with a clone, providing you with a feminized cannabis seed that is ideal for indoor or outdoor marijuana gardens. Since some growers have been hesitant to embrace auto-flowering plants due to low THC levels, we designed our new fast cannabis version to yield buds of incredibly high potency.

    Speedy Chile is a cross between Green Poison and Chile Indica, and it has an outstanding taste and a relaxing high. Green Poison is an elite clone that has earned a reputation for producing medical marijuana flowers of the highest quality. The potent Green Poison is ideal for pain, sleep issues and is a natural appetite enhancer. The Speedy Chile hybrid is 30% sativa and 70% indica, so you can expect the plants to stretch just a little bit and fill out nicely during the flowering period. The blend also provides a high of outstanding quality. The sativa influence can be felt slowly creeping up on you, and Speedy Chile provides an up high that is ideal for those who have tasks to accomplish during the day. 

    The indica also lends a nicely relaxing feel to the finished buds, making Speedy Chile ideal for those who enjoy smoking all day long. Speedy Chile feminized seeds have a fast life cycle, so you can harvest great buds in as little as eight weeks. The quick flowering strain is one of the fastest on the market, and the genetic makeup is ideal for those who want to maximize their growing area with quick turnaround times between crops. Our Speedy Chile seeds are an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor gardeners, and the plant is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Beginners will appreciate the fact that Speedy Chile requires little care, and experienced growers can dial in their nutrients and work wonders. 

    Indoor marijuana gardeners can expect a finished cannabis plant that is short in stature, leaving plenty of room in a grow tent or small closet. The feminized cannabis seeds are engineered for a short flowering cycle, and indoor growers will appreciate the number of harvests that they can receive from their garden. Speedy Chile will finish when it is between 50 and 100cm tall, and the yield is up to 525 grams per square meter. 

    Outdoor gardeners will also appreciate Speedy Chile because the plant will usually be ready for harvest one or two weeks before other strains. Finished buds can be picked in early September, so you can have your product ready before the autumn rains, reducing the chances of mold. Under natural sun, the feminized marijuana plants have an outstanding yield, and growers can expect to harvest up to 500 grams per plant. With an excellent high and outstanding potency, Speedy Chile tests at up to 16% THC, and the finished buds have very little CBD. This custom blend provides for a high that is gently relaxing and incredibly euphoric.

    Speedy Chile Info

    • THC: 16%
    • CBD: Low
    • Yield Indoor : 475 - 525 gr/m2
    • Yield Outdoor: 450 - 500 gr/plant
    • Height Indoor: 60 - 100 cm
    • Height Outdoor: 100 - 170 cm
    • Flowering: 6 Weeks
    • Harvest month: Early September
    • Genetic Background: Green Poison x Chile Indica's
    • Type: Sa 30% In 70% Ru 0%
    • Effect: Relaxing and full of flavour
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Special Queen #1 Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Royal Queen Seeds)

    Special Queen #1 Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    In the '90s there was a mad dash from seed breeders and sellers to find that ultimate skunk. During this period, lots of growers tried to replicate that Mexican, Colombian, Afghan hybrid which resulted in a huge variety of new generation skunks. The genetic features of these cannabis plants would eventually lay the foundation for almost every marijuana plant in Europe.

    At Royal Queen Seeds we decided to bring you a typical Skunk hybrid at a low-cost price. Perfect for a first-time grower who doesn't want to invest too much in his experimental growing. This Special Queen is a classic skunk that grows with ease, doesn't stretch too much and can be harvested in 8 weeks.

    Indoors it will grow to 1.5 m, so it will need a little more room. Outdoors this marijuana plant will grow to over 3 m. It needs lots of good sun but is also suitable for northern European climates like in the Netherlands or Great Britain. A sativa dominant, its buds are spread out all over the plant, providing an excellent yield for an 8 week sativa.

    Indoors, Special Queen feminized will yield about 500g per square metre under a 600W light. Outdoors, this plant will grow big and strong and can yield over 550 g per plant. Care should be given to provide it with all the nutrients and water it will need to grow big and strong, while making sure not to give it too much.

    This Cannabis strain is relatively easy to grow with little maintenance, making it a suitable contender for those commercial crops. Perfect in both hydro and soil set ups, Special Queen is well-suited for the sea/screen of green operations. We recommend 8 weeks flowering for this Cannabis strain; however some growers have harvested as early as week 7.

    The smoke from Special Queen feminized is that of a classic skunk stone. Mostly mental, Special Queen provides smokers with an uplifting high that will relax even the most anxious stoners.

    Special Queen is a classic skunk brought to you in a feminized seed at a reasonable price. We are certain you will have difficulty finding a feminized seed with as great value as Special Queen.

    Special Queen #1 Info

    • THC: 18%
    • CBD: Low
    • Yield Indoor : 500 - 550 gr/m2
    • Yield Outdoor: 500 - 550 gr/plant
    • Height Indoor: 80 - 140 cm
    • Height Outdoor: 200 - 270 cm
    • Flowering: 7 - 8 weeks
    • Harvest month: Late September
    • Genetic Background: Power Bud x Skunk
    • Type: Sa 50% In 50% Ru 0%
    • Effect: Extremely high, long-lasting, body relaxing
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Honey Cream Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Royal Queen Seeds)

    Honey Cream Cannabis Seeds Feminized  (Fast Flowering)

    Key Features:  Quick and easy to grow.  

    After flowering starts, it will be ready to harvest in 6 to 7 weeks, but don’t rush – let it mature fully and you will be rewarded with a potent harvest. Indoors, it will normally yield around 500 grams per square metre, under a 600 watt light. Experienced growers may even achieve up to 650 grams per metre. Outdoors, it will be ready in September and will yield around the same per plant, depending on the climate and conditions.

    Honey Cream has an intense, sweet sugary, almost caramel-like aroma. The flavour, while not as sweet as the aroma, is sweet and almost earthy. Due to its complex genetics, a variety of tastes and smells can come from these plants, but the sweet, creamy caramel aroma overpowers all.

    It grows like a classic Indica – short and bushy, with a huge flowering top of dense, resinous buds. The effect, as you would expect from such an Indica, is a heavy, relaxing stone. Perfect for relaxation, some medicinal users have almost found benefits for various physical ailments. All of this makes Honey Cream a great strain for Indica lovers.

    Now with a Faster Flowering time than before!

    Honey Cream Info

    • THC: 16%
    • CBD: Medium
    • Yield Indoor : 500 - 550 gr/m2
    • Yield Outdoor: 625 - 675 gr/plant
    • Height Indoor: 100 - 160 cm
    • Height Outdoor: 180 - 250 cm
    • Flowering: 6 - 7 weeks
    • Harvest month: Early October
    • Genetic Background: BlueBlack x Maple Leaf Indica x White Rhino
    • Type: Sa 35% In 65% Ru 0%
    • Effect: Psychedelic high
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Royal Cheese Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Royal Queen Seeds)

    Royal Cheese Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Fast Flowering)

    Cheese is a legendary cannabis plant with origins based in the UK. This marijuana strain has its heritage from some original Skunk #1 that was rediscovered then developed by a dedicated crew of cannabis growers from London. Finally they gave birth to a skunk that was so stinky that there seemed no more fitting a name than Cheese.

    Since then, the Cheese genetic has spread around the world, winning a Cannabis Cup and reaching near legendary status in the eyes of smokers while doing so. We got a hold of it, feminized it and are proud to present the Royal Cheese feminized seeds.

    Royal Cheese Feminized will grow to about 1.5 metres indoors, but will stretch to over 2.5 metres out in the sun. This marijuana strain loves to drink and will grow big and strong as a result. The biggest issue encountered when growing Royal Cheese Feminized is the smell. This cannabis plant stinks so much that a carbon filter is almost essential for indoors, while everyone in the immediate radius will smell it outside.

    Grown indoors, Royal Cheese will yield on average 60 grams per plant or 450-550 grams per square metre under a 600W light. Outdoors, this plant will tower above everything else and can yield over 600 grams in the correct climate (Spain, Italy, and California). It can be grown outdoors in northern Europe too, but will produce a lower quality buds than if grown indoors.

    Our Royal Cheese feminized can be harvested 6-8 weeks after flowering to achieve the strongest flavour. Leaving it 2 weeks longer, 10 weeks, will give less flavour but will pack more of a punch with each puff or bong. Different growers enjoy different effects so it's up to you personally to experiment which is the right time for you; however, as a general rule, Cheese can be harvested at 6-8 weeks.

    The smoke from Cheese is quite simply fantastic. Carrying such a strong, pungent aroma which follows through with a good flavour is one thing. But what makes this marijuana strain so enjoyable is the sheer strength of the stone that you get from every hit of the joint or bong. This combination of stinky smell and knockout stone has ensured that Cheese will be around for a long time to come.

    Now with a Faster Flowering time than before!

    Royal Cheese Info

    • THC: 17%
    • CBD: Medium
    • Yield Indoor : 450-550gr m2
    • Yield Outdoor: 550 - 600 gr/plant
    • Height Indoor: 60 - 100 cm
    • Height Outdoor: 130 - 200 cm
    • Flowering: 6 - 8 weeks
    • Harvest month: Early October
    • Genetic Background: Old School Skunk x Afghani
    • Type: Sa 40% In 60% Ru 0%
    • Effect: A combination of stoned + high
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Kaya Gold Cannabis Seeds Feminized
    Kaya Gold Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Nirvana)

    Kaya Gold Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    Kaya Gold is a hearty marijuana strain bred for rougher climates, making it suitable for novice indoor growers as well. Plants usually require very few nutes to flourish into big plants outdoors. Tending towards the Cannabis sativa side, Kaya is tall yet finishes flowering early. This lovely plant has a spicy flavor refreshingly different from Skunk and contains a moderate amount of THC. She is pest-resistant and can take the heat. Perfect for leaving somewhere with a GPS and finding it again in autumn. Kaya Gold thrives in greenhouses as well.

    Kaya Gold Info

    Genetics Master Kush x Skunk#1#1 x Northern Lights
    Plant Type Hybrid
    Cultivation Indoor as well as Outdoor
    Plant Height Medium
    Effect Energetic, Body Buzz
    Flavor Spicy, Herbal
    Average Yield 350 - 450 g/m² in SOG
    Flowering Period 7 - 9 weeks
    Seeds per pack 5
    THC High
    CBD High
    Medical Use No
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Super Skunk Cannabis Seeds Feminized
    Super Skunk Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Nirvana )

    Super Skunk Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    Potent F1 hybrid of Skunk #1 and Skunk Special. Strong flavor, powerful buzz. Commercially interesting yields. 

    Super Skunk is our successful attempt at beefing up the famous Skunk #1 strain by crossing it with our Skunk Special. One of the first to match the potency of powerful import hashish available in coffeeshops, this F1 hybrid is well-known for its strong flavor and powerful buzz. Super Skunk is much easier to grow and manicure than “white" strains. Yields have great financial potential. This strain also works well in greenhouse or shed operations.

    Super Skunk Info

    Genetics Skunk#1 x Skunk Special
    Plant Type Hybrid
    Cultivation Indoor as well as Outdoor
    Plant Height Medium
    Average Yield 400 - 500 g/m² in SOG
    Flowering Period 8 - 10 weeks
    Seeds per pack 5
    THC High
    CBD Medium
    Effect+ Relaxed Happy Euphoric
    Flavor+ Skunk Earthy Pungent
    Medical+ Stress Depression Pain
    Medical Use No
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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