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When deciding to buy cannabis seeds, choosing the best source is the most important decision a grower makes. While good growing conditions are important, the genetic makeup contained within the seed is the determining factor behind a plant reaching its full potential, whether indoor or outdoor. The genes contained in selectively bred cannabis seeds are the key to a successful crop. Montreal Cannabis Seeds maintains an extensive and unique collection of cannabis types, making the very best seeds, whether regular, feminized or auto-flowering, available for purchase.

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  • Black Bomb Cannabis seeds
    Black Bomb Cannabis Seeds Feminized (PHILOSOPHER)

    Black Bomb Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    Black Bomb is truly a bomb in every sense. It’s growing is explosive, very robust and compact. Most of the plants are highly homogeneous, and we need to give them almost 4 weeks of growingbecause its short internodes make its structure very compact, perfect for a Sea of Green but inadequate for the SCROG technique.

    Once we decide to flower it, we must wait until the beginning of the third week of flowering to appreciate the first flowers, and it will be ready to harvest two months after the change of photoperiod. Its advisable to significantly increase the nutrient supply between the third and sixth week of flowering, what will produce an ostensible increase of production.

    During the flower development we can observe the formation of the dense layers of resin that completely cover them. Normally, it’s an easy to grow plant, resistant to plagues and even suitable for novice growers.

    Grown outdoors, Black Bomb is compact and strong, round-shaped and adaptable to every climate, developing in a wonderful way in any of them. Its harvest time is late September / early October, depending on latitude.

    The most spectacular feature of Black Bomb is its demolishing effect – truly Indica, with high THC concentration – perfect for ending the day relaxed an disconnected, also suitable for medical users who look for sedative effects. Its flavours move between sweet and earthy, very marked and long lasting on the palate. Smoking it is an absolute pleasure, specially if consumed vaporized.

    Good strain for resin extractions, where it offers huge yields.

    M.F.Association Cannabis Cup 2012
    3rd prize indoor-bio category

    Black Bomb Info

    • Genetics: Black Domina ’98 x Tropimango
    • Sativa-Indica Content: 20%-80%
    • Indoor flowering: 55-60 days
    • Outdoor harvest Northern Hemisphere: Early October
    • Outdoor harvest Southern Hemisphere: Early April
    • Indoors production: 400/500 gr/m2
    • Outdoors production: 400/600 gr/plant
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  • Early Maroc cannabis seeds
    Early Maroc Cannabis Seeds Feminized (PHILOSOPHER)

    Early Maroc Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    We only recommend Early Maroc for outdoor growing, since indoors it is a difficult plant to grow because it needs high light intensity during all the cultivation to prevent genetic anomalies.

    This marijuana strain produces robust and compact plants, very easy to grow and with really dense and resinous buds. But if we have to highlight one of its features, it undoubtedly is its precocity: it can be harvested in mid -August, and if planted in March-April, this time will be reduced.

    Early Maroc reaches medium height (125-175 cm), offering good yields even with minimum care and on unsuitable substrates. Also, and mostly during flowering, its nutrient needs are low.

    For growing in balconies and terraces – for what it’s really well adapted – it is recommended to use 25L pots, although in 40-50L pots the plants will give their full potential.

    We can say that Early Maroc has been specially created for guerrilla growing because of both its excellent adaptability to arid substrates and its early flowering. All this things make possible to harvest it before the woods are invaded by thieves, hunters and mushroom pickers.

    When the plant is green, it presents a sweet aroma, very similar to strawberry chewing gum. During the curing process this aroma will be gaining spicy and old wood notes. Regarding its effect, it’s slightly euphoric during the first 30 minutes, but in the second phase of the high it becomes both mind and body relaxing. This second phase is short.

    It’s a perfect plant for making hashish, with qualities really close to the best Moroccan double zero.

    ExpoGrow Cannabis Cup 2012
    3rd Prize to the Best Sativa

    Early Maroc Info

    • Genetics: Morocco landrace
    • Content Sativa-Indica: 100% Sativa
    • Outdoor harvest Northern Hemisphere: Mid/late August
    • Outdoor harvest Southern Hemisphere: Mid/late February
    • Indoor production: 350-450 gr/m2
    • Outdoors production: 350-450 g/plant.
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Easy Haze Cannabis Seeds
    Easy Haze Cannabis Seeds Feminized (PHILOSOPHER)

    Easy Haze Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    (Also known as K13 Haze)

    Easy Haze is heiress of the best qualities from its both progenitors: Its vigor and dense and compact structure come from its Yumbolt parental, while its thin leaflets, incensed aroma and clearly sativa effect come from its second parental, Kali Mist (Western Winds).

    This is an easy growing plant. The flowering period takes 55-65 days and gives a high production. It presents very dense and high branching, so it’s not recommended growing it in SOG setups, but it’s suitable for SCROG. To get optimum performance indoors, a density of 10 plants/m2 is recommended, using 7L pots. It will take three weeks of vegetative growth.

    Outdoors, it adapts very well to being planted either in pots or in-ground. In the first case, we need 40 L capacity pots for allowing it to develop at its best. A main feature of this marijuana strain is that its branches get completely full of buds, what generates the production of formidable colas covered in resin.

    The flavor and the aroma of this Haze variety give citrus tones with tropical pineapple reminiscences when the plant is green, becoming more incensed while the drying and curing keep going.

    Its effect is clearly Haze, what implies that it’s not suitable for activities that need concentration. In short, it’s a sativa strain with excellent effect.

    Easy Haze won the third place at 2011 Cannabis Champions Cup, resins category.

    Easy Haze Info

    • Genetics: Special K S1
    • Sativa-Indica Content: 70%-30%
    • Indoor flowering: 55-65 days
    • Outdoor harvest Northern Hemisphere: Late September, early October
    • Outdoor harvest Southern Hemisphere: Late March, early April
    • Indoor production: 450-600 gr/m2
    • Outdoor production: 400-600 grams / plant
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Sweet Love cannabis seeds
    Sweet Love Cannabis Seeds Feminized (PHILOSOPHER)

    Sweet Love Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    To create SweetLove, the Golo Line breeding team crossed the famous Juanita La Lagrimosa from Reggae Seeds with the Tropimango male from Philosopher Seeds. The result speaks for itself, thanks to its remarkable organoleptic and medicinal properties.

    Sweet Love is a tall plant that develops a big main cola, but also nice branches in the lower part, like a Christmas tree. It will grow fast and uniform. Indoors, a density of 12 plants per square meter is the best way to allow its branches to grow, but we can also grow Sweet Love in a Sea Of Green, with 20 to 25 plants /m2.

    After changing the photoperiod, we will start to distinguish between phenotypes; the taller one – thanks to Juanita’s influence – is ready to harvest after 60 – 65 days. The Tropimango male used in this hybrid strengthens Juanita’s structure, while keeping its smell and medicinal properties. Plants with more Tropimango dominance will be harvested after 55 – 60 days of flowering.

    Outdoors, 50L pots are the minimum size recommended to allow SweetLove to show all its potential, growing enormously. If grown on terraces, we recommend to control the size with 25L pots, sprouting the seeds at the end of the spring – or during the first three weeks of summer – to reduce the growing period and get mid-sized and very compact plants.

    SweetLove, specially when grown organically, will show impressive organoleptic properties, an intense taste and smell of candies, full of nuances, from sweets to citrus. Its organoleptic peak is reached after 2 – 3 months of curing.

    SweetLove produces a nice positive effect, mainly physical, relaxing the body.

    Sweet Love Info

    • Genetics: Juanita x Tropimango
    • Sativa-Indica content: 60%-40%
    • Indoor Flowering: 55-65 days
    • Outdoor harvest Northern Hemisphere: Mid October
    • Outdoor harvest Southern Hemisphere: Mid April
    • Indoor Yield: 400/550 gr/m2
    • Outdoor Yield: 500/650 grams per plant
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • White Widow Cannabis Seeds Autoflower
    White Widow Cannabis Seeds Autoflower (Montreal Cannabis Seeds)

    White Widow Autoflower Cannabis Seeds 

    White Widow Automatic Feminized Seeds, is a Autoflowering Feminized cannabis strain.
    This Feminized seed grows well in Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors conditions. Additionally it can be expected to grow into a Medium plant reaching 50 - 110 cm.
    This strain has Critical+ Autoflower x original White Widow clone. Genetics. It has a High (15-20%) THC Content. The CBD content of the strain is Low (0-1%).

    White Widow Info

    • Type:                      Indoor / Outdoors
    • Growing:                 Easy
    • Flowering Time:      75 days from germination 
    • Indica/Sativa:          30% Sativa 60% Indica 10% Ruderalis
    • Effect:                      Stone High
    • THC%:                    15-20% 
    • Yield:                       Up to 160gr indoor/150gr out
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Fruity Jack Cannabis Seeds
    Fruity Jack Cannabis Seeds Feminized (PHILOSOPHER)

    Fruity Jack Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    (Also known as Jack El Frutero)

    The genetics used to create Fruity Jack come from the genepool of our friends and collaborators from Reggae Seeds. On this occasion we used Respect #13 – 2012 Spannabis winner – the result of crossing Juanita Lagrimosa and a Cannalope Haze elite clone.  As a male parental, the Golo Line breeding team used a reversed Jack the Ripper female, a sativa phenotype with a relatively short flowering time, which adds flavor and a mostly Haze effect in addition to stabilizing the hybrid.  You can expect a plant with a strong structure and few leafs from a Fruity Jack marijuana seed. Jack The Ripper provides good stability to the crossing, but does not impede us to find 3 phenotypes in terms of height. Between the lower and higher, in some cases the difference is around 15 cm in the last week of flowering.

    Because of its sativa dominance we recommend starting from seed with a density of 9 – 16 plants per m2. If we start the seeds with a flowering photoperiod, it is possible to use 20 plants/m2 in SOG setups.  It’s important to highlight that it’s a variety that requires significant nutrient contribution to fulfill its potential. Fruity Jack likes being grown on soil with a good quantity of organic nutrients; as we already mentioned, it accepts and actually demands complete and abundant feeding.In return, it will produce buds full of resin, one of its main features. It is perfect for the production of high quality hashish.

    Undoubtedly, Fruity Jack is the most therapeutic variety of our Golo Line collection, so we recommend it to disconnect and listen to music, or to have a nice and quiet time in nature. Its relaxing effect may help us to forget our worries. Fruity Jack’s name is a tribute to its parental Jack The Ripper, which not only provides stability to the crossing, but also offers a variety of fruity flavors (especially when vaporized), heritage of its predecessors. In most phenotypes we also find high THC levels that perfectly combine with the CBD.

    In this variety of organoleptic phenotypes, in addition to the Haze or Juanita dominance, we’ll find some of them that seem to be the fusion of both parentals. Anyway, whatever the phenotype we have the pleasure to taste, its flavor will be dense and very persistent in mouth.
    Canary Islands Cup 2015
    1st prize CBD category

    Fruity Jack Info

    • Genetics: Respect #13 x Jack the Ripper #1
    • Sativa-Indica content: 70%-30%
    • Indoor flowering: 60/70
    • Outdoor harvest Northern Hemisphere: Early/mid October
    • Outdoor harvest Southern Hemisphere: Early/mid April
    • Indoor production: 400/550 gr/m2
    • Outdoor production: 400/600 gr per plant
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  • Guava Berry Kush cannabis
    Guava Berry Kush Cannabis Seeds Feminized (PHILOSOPHER)

    Guava Berry Kush Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    (Also known as Guayita)

    To create Guava Berry Kush, the Golo Line breeding crew used a Guayaba elite clone (ChemDog x Afgani x Chem91) coming from USA, and the famous motherplant Juanita La Lagrimosa from Regggae Seeds. They achieved to combine the very special smell of these genetics, the earthy smell of Guayaba with the citric taste of Juanita.

    Guava Berry Kush is a mostly Indica plant, producing a fat and long main cola and few branches, with large dark green leaves which reminds us of Guayaba.

    This Indica structure will make Guava Berry Kush a perfect strain for Sea Of Green growing (SOG), we recommend between 16 and 25 plants for each square meter if grown from seeds, but if we choose to keep a mother plant and grow from cuttings, a density of 30 to 40 plants /m2 would be better to increase yield.

    Guava Berry Kush is a very stable strain, although a slightly smaller phenotype shows up sometimes.

    To get good results growing Guava Berry Kush, some basic rules must be followed: this strain needs moderate feeding and needs to be watered frequently, even more when temperatures get hot.

    Once cured, Guava Berry Kush offers a woody taste with earthy and sweet tones, thanks to Juanita. The smells of these two genetics have been perfectly combined, making Guava Berry Kush a sweeter and more intense version of Guayaba.

    Guava Berry Kush produce a strong sativa effect, locking our body and mind into a bubble. For this reason, this strain should be used only at the end of the day, it is not recommended for performing important activities.

    Around 50% of the phenotypes will show high CBD ratios, what will be perfect for people suffering of chronic pain. We continue working to increase the chances to get high CBD plants from this cannabis strain.

    Guava Berry Kush Info

    • Genetics: Guayaba x Juanita La Lagrimosa
    • Sativa – Indica Content: 40% Sativa / 60% Indica
    • Indoor Flowering: 60 / 70 days
    • Outdoor harvest Northern Hemisphere: Mid October
    • Outdoor harvest Southern Hemisphere: Mid April
    • Indoor production: 350/450 gr/m2
    • Outdoor profuction: 400/600 gr per plant
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Heaven’s Fruit cannabis seeds
    Heaven’s Fruit Cannabis Seeds Feminized (PHILOSOPHER)

    Heaven’s Fruit Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    Heaven’s Fruit is an easy to grow plant with very good performance. Once germination has started, it has a vigorous growth with dark wide leafs and short internodes.

    When photoperiod is changed to 12/12, it takes around 20 days before showing its first buds. It’s from that moment when it’s possible to define the two main phenotypes, although this doesn’t specially affect the growing, because the height and the flowering time of both phenotypes are very similar, what makes it suitable for using the Sea of Green technique, as well as SCROG.

    Its blooming is spectacular, producing colas as dense and compact as its predecessor Tropimango. It’s sensitive to low temperatures, and its leafs can get darker because of the cold if temperatures drop below 18º.

    Its resistance to plagues is also remarkable, what makes it a good candidate for any kind of growing conditions.

    Outdoors, it produces beautiful, Christmas tree-shaped plants with great yields, ready to harvest from mid October. If the temperature drops below 13º during the last weeks of flowering it gets completely purple.

    Regarding its flavour and aroma, Heaven’s Fruit has a lot to say, because it’s a real gem. A cumulus of nuances that go from acid to earthy tones, with a lot of density and long persistence in mouth.

    We believe that this strain will satisfy those growers looking for special flavours on their weed.

    Its effect is mostly Sativa, with an appropriate High for reading and introspection, although after two hours its down effect will leave you completely relaxed. The fact that most phenotypes present high CBD levels makes it a very good choice for cannabis medical users.

    Heaven’s Fruit Info

    • Genetics: NY Diesel x Tropimango
    • Sativa-Indica Content: 60%-40%
    • Indoor flowering: 60-65 days
    • Outdoor harvest Northern Hemisphere: Mid October
    • Outdoor harvest Southern Hemisphere: Mid April
    • Indoor production: 400/500 gr/m2
    • Outdoor production: 400/600 gr/plant
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Orange Candy Cannabis Seeds
    Orange Candy Cannabis Seeds Feminized (PHILOSOPHER)

    Orange Candy Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    (Also known as Naranchup)

    To create this strain, the Golo-Line breeding team used Naran J, an old hybrid from the Reggae Seeds genepool, resulting from a crossing between New York City Diesel and Morning Glory. Naran J was then crossed with a reversed Tropimango female from Philosopher Seeds, to combine and stabilize the wonderful orange taste from Naran J with the vigour and productivity of Tropimango. Finally, this work gave us wonderful results.

    Orange Candy is a bushy plant with strong structure, low height and little internodal distance. The main central bud that it develops makes it perfect for Sea of Green.
    Indoors, we recommend 3 – 4 weeks of growth and a density of 12 to 15 plants/m2 in 7L containers for the flowering period, although it develops very well in 11L containers too; in this case, we recommend cutting the apex during the fourth week of growth.
    The pre-flowering stage will last for about 3 weeks, before the plants show their first flowers. Increasing the amount of nutrients during the 4th, 5th and 6th weeks will allow them to show all their potential. Orange Candy is a heavy consumer of nutrients, so its leafs quickly turn yellow before harvest.

    There are not many differences between phenotypes; this strain is very stable, not only in look, but also in smell, taste, and yield. We found a phenotype with a shorter flowering period; this one shows some nice purple colours.  Orange Candy is a good choice for every grower. It is very resistant to pests and diseases, and supports quite well high and low temperatures, as well as overfeeding. Hence, it is an ideal choice for beginners.  The flowering time indoors can vary between 55 and 65 days. Orange Candy’s yield is average to high. Buds are compact, but not excessively, they have a texture like cork; flowers will blow up like shaving foam when you crush them.

    The taste and smell are orange and diesel, but without the heavy typical Diesel fuel taste. We can say that this flavor is now refined. They are both amazing, like ripened oranges with a touch of grapefruit. The high of Orange Candy is very fast and the effect is psychedelic, almost immediate, becoming more physical thereafter. It is a perfect strain to spend a nice day followed by a very pleasant relaxing feeling.

    Orange Candy Info

    • Genetics: Critical Mass x Amnesia Haze
    • Sativa-Indica Content: 70%-30%
    • Indoors flowering: 55-65 days
    • Outdoor harvest Northern Hemisphere: Early October
    • Outdoor harvest Southern Hemisphere: Early April
    • Indoors production: 350/450 gr/m2
    • Outdoors production: 350/450 gr/plant
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • OG Kush Cannabis Seeds Autoflower (Montreal Cannabis Seeds)

    OG Kush Autoflower Cannabis Seeds 

    We thought it would be awesome to create an autoflower OG Kush and tried many different autos to crossbreed the OG Kush to get the result they were looking for. Ultimately the NL Auto X OG Kush cross came out a clear winner. This was no surprise as both strains share ancestral roots.
    The result; an OG Kush automatic that is a big yielding autoflowering strain with impressive bud formation and trichome production. Bud structure is quite similar to your typical Kush buds.
    The OG Kush Automatic has a balanced effect. A potent and long-lasting body one that is also quite cerebral. Her aroma offers a lovely balanced acidity with clear notes of sweet lime with a lingering hint of diesel, revealing the Chemdawg origins of the OG Kush. 

    OG Kush Info

    • Type:                      Indoor / Outdoors
    • Growing:                 Easy
    • Flowering Time:      75 days from germination 
    • Indica/Sativa:          30% Sativa 60% Indica 10% Ruderalis
    • Effect:                      Stone High
    • THC%:                    15-20% 
    • Yield:                       Up to 250-400 gr indoor/60- 150 gr out
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Brainstorm cannabis seeds
    Brainstorm Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Dutch Passion)

    Brainstorm Cannabis Seeds  Feminized

    The genetics of Brainstorm were introduced in our seed collection in 1996. The strain has been updated for the second time in 2006 by selecting a premium clone from the original seed stock. Through this premium clone the “Brainstorm” feminized seed line is produced. Brainstorm is a sturdy plant with the power and yield of the famous Northern Lights #5, hybridized with potent 100% Haze genetics. Brainstorm has a solid, strong long lasting “high”, combined with a well-balanced, soft smoking experience. Good for bumper harvests and a perfect variety to select clones from.

    Brainstorm  Info

      5 Seeds per Pack
      Flowering Period: 7 – 9 weeks
      Harvest Outdoor: end of Nov.
      THC: 15%
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Northern Lights x Bubble Gum Cannabis Seeds Autoflower (Montreal Cannabis Seeds)

    Northern Lights x Bubble Gum Autoflower Cannabis Seeds 

    Northern Lights x Bubble Gum (NL x BG) is 50 percent of each parent and 100 percent indica strain. it has retained the stability and hardiness of the Northern Lights strains, and inherited the sweet smell of Bazooka Joe responsible for parent Bubble Gum’s name.

    Plants are medium-sized with tight, small nuggets that appear at multiple sites to give a yield potential between 40-90 g per plant. NL x BG grows a thick collection of hairs that turn amber as the buds mature. Flowering is rapid, with a finishing time between 60 - 65. This plant responds well to the photoperiod of the Northern hemisphere, making it a good guerilla garden variety in many temperate climates.

    Northern Lights x Bubble Gum​ Info

    • - Yield: 300 - 350 gr/m2
    • - Harvest from seed: 60 - 65 days.
    • - Height: 70 - 80 cm.
    • - Harvest Period: From April to November.
    • - Height: 100 - 130 cm.
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • CBD White Widow Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Montreal Cannabis Seeds)

    CBD White Widow Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    CBD White Widow is quite a short cannabis plant that grows mostly like an Sativa, but it is more Indica in effect and is also great to relieve pain and anxiety.

    An uplifting marijuana strain with great medicinal potential. CBD White Widow is great medicinal strain.

    CBD White Widow is quite a short cannabis plant that reaching a height of 60 to 90 cm. It will flower in around 8 weeks.

    Like all of our medicinal cannabis strains, it has a high amount of CBD, almost equal to the amount of THC.
    These high CBD cannabis strains have been used for their anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, anti-anxiety and/or anti-spasm effects.

    The marijuana seeds are also feminized, meaning you’ll have no male plants to deal with. So, when grown well, every plant should turn into a beautiful flowering female.

    CBD White Widow World: Info

    • Effect:                  Relaxed High
    • Sativa/Indica:      Indica
    • Yield: Indoors:    475-525 g./m2 Outdoors: 400-450 g./plant
    • THC/CBD:          THC: 12% CBD: High
    • Flowering Period/Finishing:      8 weeks/early October
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Blueberry Gum Cannabis Seeds
    Blueberry Gum Cannabis Seeds Feminized (G13 LABS)

    Blueberry Gum Cannabis Seeds Feminized


    The Indica-dominant Blueberry Gum variety is the result of a cross between a Hash Plant and a Blueberry. It is one of the few varieties that allow growers from colder and more mountainous regions to achieve excellent results and produce quality harvests. These can reach 1,100 g/plant outdoors, and up to 500 g/m². All this is thanks to the world-renowned Blueberry. It is a tough plant that has a short flowering period of around 55 days. It produces a calming, relaxing effect, and its hint of fruit and delicate aroma of chewing gum will make you come back for more and feel like you never want to be without it. When subjected to cold, night-time temperatures, it reveals a beautiful purple colouration. It produces dense, compact florets that are covered in a delicious resin. The seeds of Blue Venom marijuana do not require any particular food in order to get the very most out of them. The plant’s subtle aroma is reminiscent of earth and fruits of the forest. It has a potent, relaxing effect that is long-lasting, and it is an ideal accompaniment for a pleasant evening following some heavy physical or mental effort.

    Blueberry Gum Info

    • Genetics: Blueberry X Bubble Gum
    • Sativa/Indica: Indica
    • Yield: Indoors: 500 g/m2 Outdoors: 1100 g/plant
    • THC/CBD: High
    • Flowering Period/Finishing: 55 days
    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • Royal Kush Cannabis Seeds Feminized
    Royal Kush Cannabis Seeds Feminized (G13 LABS)

    Royal Kush Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    Royal Kush seeds from G13 Labs, are a feminised Sativa-Indica variety derived from the union between an Afghan #1 and a Skunk#1.  Royal Kush makes it possible to cultivate fast-growing crops that provide plentiful yields of a quality to match its name. It produces long, compact and resinous flower heads in a very short space of time, and is perfect for planting in both mild or Mediterranean regions and greenhouses. As it does not require a lot of care during the growth process, it is a very easy plant to cultivate and therefore ideal for growers who are starting out. It gives off an intense aroma and its taste has strong Kush notes with Skunk highlights of sandalwood and spices. It gives potent physical and mental effects that are long-lasting, producing a relaxing stone. Its outdoor yield can reach as much as 1,000 g/plant, while indoors it may produce about 550 g/m².

    5 Seeds Per Pack
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  • OG13 Cannabis Seeds Feminized
    OG13 Cannabis Seeds Feminized (G13 LABS)

    OG13 Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    This Indica-dominant OG Kush variety is the result of a cross between a citrus-tasting Thai variety and another from Pakistan, with hints of the strong Diesel variety. It is a high-quality but, at the same time, very exotic variety, and is extremely popular in the USA. OG stands for Ocean Green – a legendary variety that was grown in California many years ago. It is a medium-sized, easy-to-grow plant that has a short flowering period. It produces compact, resinous and strong-smelling florets, so we recommend using anti-odour filters. OG13 marijuana seeds are perfect for growing indoors, especially in small spaces and when using the SOG method. It also performs well in mild and Mediterranean regions. It has a fruity aroma and intense taste with hints of Diesel and fruits of the forest. Its potent cerebral effect can develop into a very pleasant and relaxing stone, and it is an ideal variety to have when resting.

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